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The following steps occur during the implementation of Forensic Software Solutions:

Live Demonstration

After our initial contact, we will set up a live demonstration of Forensic Software Solutions at your convenience. During the demonstration, we will remotely link your computer to ours to enable you to review the software in more detail and ask any questions. In addition, we are always available to provide any data necessary in support of organizations seeking funding, which is often requested through grants or donations.

Product Customization

Once the product is purchased, we will customize your software for both standing orders and discharge information. Our software designers will work closely with your team to integrate your standing orders into the program.

Installation, Testing and Training

The next step is to have the product installed on your system, which requires collaboration between FSS and your IT department or a key point person. Once the product is installed, it is available for testing and training. Training can take place on site, individually or in a group, or over the web, and FSS guarantees training for each client until they are completely comfortable with the program. Clients are also provided with a training manual. Upon completion of testing, training, and approval, official use of the software can begin.


Forensic Software Solutions offers regular software upgrades as well as 24/7 technical support.