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Forensic Software Solutions was designed with the greatest ease-of-use in mind. The FSS system of charting is extremely intuitive, and makes guided documentation simple for any and all healthcare providers, even those who chart infrequently. As a result of the software’s intuitive nature, the training time for FSS is very short, however we spend a great deal of time carefully customizing our product for new customers. We take great pride in assisting and updating all of our pre-existing customers as well.

Regarding usability, the FSS chart is exceptionally well organized and straightforward, and can be set up for both adult and pediatric patients. All photographs can be easily organized into a folder within the chart regardless of which device is used for image capture. In addition, body diagram types can be changed according to user choice, and injuries can be drawn directly onto the diagrams within the software. FSS can also integrate any state-required form into the chart. Forensic Software Solutions has developed a streamlined process to quickly and accurately customize all standing orders and discharge reports within your program. Charts can be automatically redacted and made available for peer-review reports with the click of a button.

In terms of security, FSS allows your organization to set unique access levels for each user type, such as Administrators, Coordinators, and Examiners. In addition, the software tracks all user actions and locks completed charts to prevent after-the-fact alterations. FSS uses 256-bit AES encryption to meet all HIPPA requirements, and is capable of securely sending an electronic chart.

Easy to Use

Limited training required; health care providers can start using the program in less than one hour.


Use of checkboxes and pulldowns increases speed of documentation and reduces duplications.


Intuitive software that guides examiners through documentation process, including narrative boxes with spellcheck feature for added information.


Software will encourage consistent documentation, which limits errors and omissions.


All user actions are logged for tracking purposes, and users are restricted to designated program levels based on need. Program offers 256-bit AES encryption and password protection.


Standing orders, discharge information, and body diagrams can be customized. State-required forms can be integrated.


Injury findings are drawn directly on diagrams and can be printed with the chart. Images can be uploaded, organized, and secured, regardless of what device is used for capture. Reports and graphs can be easily produced for almost any captured data.

Assault Details

Mark details of sexual acts with easy, click-as-you-go features, or use FSS Shorthand method.

Exam Details

Track vital signs, medical history, assault details, medications, and treatments.


Track all procedures, note results, make comments using a checklist to insure consistency with SANE team.


Manage multiple assailants for each case.


Track details of all collected items and proper chain of custody.

Body/Genital Injuries

Graphically select wounds and enter details related to victim’s injuries.


Securely upload and organize images, regardless of what device is used for capture.


Enter unlimited comments related to the patient in this free-form area. Time-saving FSS Shorthand feature as well as spellcheck available in all text areas.


Customize discharge instructions upon request.


Print or store chart pages electronically as PDF's, including gender-specific diagrams.

Adult and Pediatric

Chart individually for both adult and pediatric patients.

Report Builder

Track any area that needs to be monitored.

Peer Review

Encrypt reports for peer reviews and presentations.