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About Us

Forensic Software Solutions was conceived out of a need within the forensic health care field for modernized and consistent reporting practices in regard to sexual assault. After a lengthy development process, in 2011, the FSS team completed a cutting-edge software documentation program that is secure, easy to use, intuitive, detailed, and customizable. The program was originally called Forensic SANE Software, but in 2015, evolved into Forensic Software Solutions in order to improve forensic documentation for all health care providers. Since being launched, FSS has received consistently positive reviews, and as a result, has steadily gained clients every year.

Today, the FSS team consists of a variety of information technology experts, certified Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, and sales and marketing specialists who, together, have over 35 years of experience in their respective industries. The team at Forensic Software Solutions is proud of their work, as well as the exceptional customer service they deliver, in particular when customizing the software to fit the needs of each client.

Our Mission

At Forensic Software Solutions, our mission is to offer the most effective and comprehensive software to fit the needs of every type of forensic program, whether they be stand-alone clinics, hospital emergency rooms, or large-scale, multi-institution health organizations. We also strive to make FSS easily adaptable to meet local and state reporting requirements. Our goal is to offer a range of customizable features in order to improve documentation times, accuracy, consistency, security, and reporting. Overall, we are driven by our desire to set the gold standard for forensic documentation systems across the industry.